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Commercial Express

The PHLY Commercial Express Service Center (CESC) is a one stop shop for all your transactional bonding needs. We offer competitive rates and flexible underwriting for bonds in the Standard, Sub-Standard, and Non-Standard segments, and recently launched our exclusive online bond system, PHLY Bond Express, nationwide.

CESC Phone Number: 1.888.321.4713
CESC Email: commercialexpress@phly.com

PHLY Bond Express (PBE)

PHLY Bond Express (PBE) is available to all PHLY agents with an active Surety appointment. There are no premium production requirements for appointment, and getting appointed is easy.

How to get appointed for Surety with PHLY:

Complete Form Icon 1. Complete our short Agency Agreement
Send Email Icon 2. Send completed and signed form to either:
Fax: 610.771.4016, or
Email scanned copy to SuretyAppointment@phly.com
Welcome Icon 3. Receive appointment confirmation and welcome email

Why PHLY Bond Express?

  • Easy Online Application
  • Diverse Bond Form Library
  • Instant Approvals
  • Immediate Execution of Bond Documents
  • Flexible Rates and Underwriting
  • Nationwide Coverage

Learn more about why you should ThinkPHLY first for Transactional Commercial surety bonds:

Types of Bonds we write:

All Types of License & Permit bonds

  • Contractor's license
  • Finance/Mortgage broker bonds
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Retail services and Professional licenses
  • Taxes and fee compliance

Customs bonds

  • Continuous and single entry
  • All activity codes and NVOCC bonds
  • For additional information on this service, please review the attached documents: PHLY Customs Bond Information

Court/Fiduciary bonds

  • Plaintiff bonds/Injunction bonds
  • Defendant bonds/Appeal/Release of Lien bonds
  • Probate bonds in all 50 states

ERISA/Business Services bonds

  • ERISA with or without inflation guard
  • Business Service for most industries
  • Public Official

Public Official (Non Federal) bonds

  • State and Local government official bonds

Miscellaneous bonds

  • Lost securities and title bonds
  • Non Construction contract
  • Service Contract bonds
  • General indemnity bonds
  • Non Profit Unemployment Compensation

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